First Reading Borderlands/La Frontera

Although I have been in the graduate program for one year and an undergraduate for approximately 7 years, this is my first time picking up Borderlands/La Frontera.

Truly, I have robbed myself.

I first was introduced to Anzaldua’s work last fall with Dr. Robert Johnson. He came to speak to my Intro to Literature Class about his research and work. He wrote a few papers on Anzaldua’s infamous How to Tame a Wild Tongue essay. Johnson researched the classes that Anzaldua described at the Pan American college and interviewed various educators and citizens who had to take English Classes at that time, that would rid them of their Mexican accent.

Just the essay alone fascinated me, but unfortunetly I did not have the time to read the full novel!

MASC 6390 finally gave me the opportunity! Although the class is focused on the rhetorical aspect of Border Studies and the novels assigned, my favorite parts of Anzaldua’s book are her poetry and her writing, particularly in Spanish. She translates some sections and phrases, but leaves the others in her Spanish tongue. Her poetry in Spanish is phenomenal!

I am still working through the last pieces of her novel, but I am excited to see more poetry and understand her struggle with her “Third Space” studies.


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